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So, What Do You Do?

by Dwight Calwhite 2 years

So What Do You Do?
When I meet new people in real life (IRL) they inevitably ask "What do you do?"
My response has changed over the years, but nowadays I say 

"At Apogee we make marketing websites."

If they sound interested I usually go into more detail about the specific markets we serve:

  • Car Dealerships (over 1,000 nationwide)
  • Network Marketers (MLM)
  • Book Authors
  • Small Businesses
  • Email Marketers

Sometimes I give them more info about our company:

  • Been in business 10 years
  • Staff of about 20 professionals
  • Thousands of sites launched
  • Bootstrapped (funded by sales not investors)
  • Focused on engineering the best marketing systems for small businesses

If they seem savvy I sometimes also describe a little about what our product includes:

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Lead Store
  • Contact Manager
  • Automated Marketing (Drip Marketing / Autoresponders)
  • Social Sharing
  • Replicated Blog (one for each user)
  • Email Marketing
  • Shopping Cart
  • Video Training
  • Text Messaging (soon to come)

But most of all it's important to convey what pain point we are trying to ease:

"Businesses everywhere are losing time and money online. They would rather spend more time on their business and less time on digital marketing. We love building easy-to-use technology that helps small businesses succeed online."

So.. what do you do?

 Posted by ApogeeINVENT President and Chief Optimist Dwight Calwhite. Connect with him: Google+ / Twitter

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